5 Health Benefits of a Mold-Free Home

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Mold infested homes can prove a really scary and worrisome problem, which needs immediate attention.  Most homes are prone to get mold infested and this is a major cause of health damage. To prevent this the best thing that one can do is take precautions by not allowing moisture and dampness to seep into the walls and crevices in the house. timely maintenance of keeping all insulation systems in the house and regular ventilation and aeration of the house also helps to keep mold infestation at bay.

In the worst case of the infestation already having set in it is best to carry out home mold removal measures and do some mold remediationwith some regular home cleaning products for minor molds. But if the infestation is big and spread out it is better to call in the professionals for a thorough household mold remediation. Living in a mold -free home is really essential to enjoy a healthy and disease-free life. Take a look these 5 health benefits that you can look forward to if you live in a mold free home.

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Freedom from allergies

The best thing about mold-free homes is that there is no allergy causing mold in the vicinity of your living spaces that make family members especially young children and older adults more susceptible to them.

You are your family will not be the victims of unexplained runny noses or bouts of sneezing. Many a time people simply cannot fathom why their eyes suddenly start watering and become puffy and itchy. Mold free environments are safe from all such unidentifiable allergic reactions.

No suffocating bad odors

Most mold infested homes have a musty and damp odor throughout the house and breathing the air in those spaces really become difficult. soon you feel like going outdoors for a breath of fresh air. In mold-free homes in which home mold remediation has been done the inhabitants can breathe healthy fresh air once again.

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Protection from skin ailments

Skin ailments like red and patchy skin, sudden bouts of itching, unexplained red rash all over the body are all indicators that the house maybe mold infested. For people with sensitive skin, living in a mold-free environment is essential to stay safe, protected and healthy.

Efficient respiratory systems

One of the most affected systems of the human body in the moldy environment is the respiratory system. Researchers have proved that extensive exposure to mold spores can affect the entire respiratory system leading to both acute and chronic allergic reaction if not treated on time. Prolonged exposure to molds and mold spores can weaken your lungs and even reduce your lung capacity and cause difficulty in breathing and even cause sudden fatigue. living in mold-free homes can spare people of all this trauma and enable you to breathe freely and have a better quality of life.


Stronger immune systems

Living in mold-free homes keeps your immune system strong and healthy and you will be disease and allergy free.

Enjoy better health by keeping your houses mold free and do call in the professionals for household mold remediation in case you need their services to keep your houses free from mold infestation.


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Homemade Solutions That Can Be Used to Clean Air Vents

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Home Air Duct Cleaning is not much fun as we think it is. Air vents are usually full of grease, dirt, dust, and Debris, and it takes several times to do a proper cleaning. Especially, the vent at the kitchen is the most affected one as more grease gets settled in those vents. While it is easy to clean the floor, the walls, the stove and other places, the vent is always the one that we often miss to clean. So, how to clean the vent without much mess and without using the traditional cleaners?

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The usual cleaners that we use for cleaning our household are not good for air vent cleaning. This is because these cleaners or solutions cause poisoning whether it is long term or short term. There are even cases of asthma attacks that have been caused due to the poisoning of household cleaners. But there are also cases where the toxic chemicals may not show any sign for years but eventually lead to long-term health problems like cancer or hormonal problems. These chemicals, in addition to affecting humans, affects the whole ecosystem. Hence, when we use products for a vent cleaning, it is better to use a cleaner that is homemade and natural and keeps the environment safe.

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Of course, it is easily said than done. Ducts are not the simplest thing to be cleaned as it involves the entire duct cleaning. But if you are knowledgeable, then you can do it by yourself. A vent over the stove is easy to clean than cleaning the entire vent. When it comes to doing a thorough vent cleaning, it is safer to call a vent cleaning service. If you are interested in doing the cleaning yourself, then here are some homemade air vent cleaners.

Safe Air Duct Cleaners

Homemade cleaners are usually environmentally safe. If you are going to buy a product for cleaning, then it is first essential to look at the label for warning or hazard sign. Such type of toxic cleaning products must never be bought for home cleaning.

Natural Cleaner #1

A natural cleaner that is quite simple to make is as follows: Mix hot water with a dishwasher (natural) soap. This cleaner is effective to clean the hood of the vent over the stove. Any soap or detergent you use to prepare this solution must be biodegradable.

Natural Cleaner #2

White Vinegar is a good cleaning agent. When it is mixed with citrus, it becomes a strong and effective vent cleaner. It is also very safe to use this product.

Natural Cleaner #3

Sodium carbonate or Soda Ash is a strong cleaner and is also environmentally safe. Like baking soda, it is also effective in removing unwanted bad odors from the vent. When you use Soda Ash, make sure to use a glove as it may cause irritation in the skin.

You can wash the filters of the vent by pulling them out and soaking them in hot water with soap. After the grease loosens, it can be brushed and washed. One of the above solutions can also be used if the grease is very strong.


Do the cleaning by yourself only if you are knowledgeable. Otherwise, it is better to get the help of air duct cleaning services to do the job for you. Good air duct cleaning services also check for potential problems in the system and correct them which is an added advantage for you. One more point to consider while hiring air duct cleaning companies is to check whether they do green air duct cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Using a Steam Cleaner for Your Carpet

Professional Carpet cleaners tech

There are several tried and tested ways to clean carpets, of which the most popular and effective carpet cleaner is by using a steam cleaner. This is really a worthwhile option to consider if you need thorough and deep cleaning of your carpet. The steam cleaning method is also known as the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) process and is one of the best carpet cleaners you could ever opt for.

The Steam Cleaning Process

Most carpet cleaning services use this technique to clean carpets professionally-

  • The steam cleaner method involves pre – vacuuming to remove all dry particulate matter.
  • Spraying of a cleaning solution on the entire carpet to break down tough and stubborn oils and greasy materials
  • An agitator like a rotary brush machine or a grooming rake is used to further clean up
  • Once the dirt comes out, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed with pressured hot water coming out from a powerful wet vacuum.
  • The dirty water is then carefully discarded
  • After the rinse has been extracted, it is advisable to apply a high-quality carpet protector solution to maintain its sheen and to protect it from further damage.

carpet cleaning services process


  • Thorough Cleaning
  • A steam cleaner cleans a carpet inside out. That is why this method is often referred to as the deep cleaning method. Steam cleaning involves both dry as well as wet cleaning.
  • Along with removing dust, sand lint. pet hair and more, it also takes of health damaging organisms like dust mites, fleas and other allergens like mold and fungus which may have set in. The intense heat from the steam takes care of all of these.
  • A perfect combination of gentle detergents and steam work brilliantly on carpet stain removal by permanently removing old and new stains right from coffee to bloodstains.
  • Long Lasting Benefits
  • Carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners have a fresh look like that of a newly manufactured one due to the application of a high-quality carpet protector which helps maintain the original colors and texture of your carpets.


  • Time consuming
  • This process of professional carpet cleaning though thorough is very time -consuming as it involves a lot of steps. In each step, the cleaning process requires time. The waiting period between each step also requires a lot of time for drying etc.
  • Potentially Hazardous
  • Due to intense pressure, heat and steam, in the long run, this steam cleaning process may cause damage to delicate carpet fibers or even affect the carpet base. In some cases, the carpet may pill and may not look as attractive as when it was bought.
  • If the steam and water are not dried out completely the carpet may end up getting infested with mold and mildew.
  • Expensive
  • The equipment used in this process is expensive, so if done at home it may add to multiple recurring costs like the basic machinery, other additional equipment, detergents and conditioner, carpet protecting solution and more. In case you decide to get it done through professional cleaners they too may charge heavily because of the high costs involved plus the labor and commuting charges.

Despite all the cons, using a steam cleaner option by hiring the best carpet cleaning companies will make your expensive and prized carpet clean and make it look as good as new too.