Homemade Solutions That Can Be Used to Clean Air Vents

Safe Air Duct Cleaners

Home Air Duct Cleaning is not much fun as we think it is. Air vents are usually full of grease, dirt, dust, and Debris, and it takes several times to do a proper cleaning. Especially, the vent at the kitchen is the most affected one as more grease gets settled in those vents. While it is easy to clean the floor, the walls, the stove and other places, the vent is always the one that we often miss to clean. So, how to clean the vent without much mess and without using the traditional cleaners?

homemade air vent cleaners

The usual cleaners that we use for cleaning our household are not good for air vent cleaning. This is because these cleaners or solutions cause poisoning whether it is long term or short term. There are even cases of asthma attacks that have been caused due to the poisoning of household cleaners. But there are also cases where the toxic chemicals may not show any sign for years but eventually lead to long-term health problems like cancer or hormonal problems. These chemicals, in addition to affecting humans, affects the whole ecosystem. Hence, when we use products for a vent cleaning, it is better to use a cleaner that is homemade and natural and keeps the environment safe.

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Of course, it is easily said than done. Ducts are not the simplest thing to be cleaned as it involves the entire duct cleaning. But if you are knowledgeable, then you can do it by yourself. A vent over the stove is easy to clean than cleaning the entire vent. When it comes to doing a thorough vent cleaning, it is safer to call a vent cleaning service. If you are interested in doing the cleaning yourself, then here are some homemade air vent cleaners.

Safe Air Duct Cleaners

Homemade cleaners are usually environmentally safe. If you are going to buy a product for cleaning, then it is first essential to look at the label for warning or hazard sign. Such type of toxic cleaning products must never be bought for home cleaning.

Natural Cleaner #1

A natural cleaner that is quite simple to make is as follows: Mix hot water with a dishwasher (natural) soap. This cleaner is effective to clean the hood of the vent over the stove. Any soap or detergent you use to prepare this solution must be biodegradable.

Natural Cleaner #2

White Vinegar is a good cleaning agent. When it is mixed with citrus, it becomes a strong and effective vent cleaner. It is also very safe to use this product.

Natural Cleaner #3

Sodium carbonate or Soda Ash is a strong cleaner and is also environmentally safe. Like baking soda, it is also effective in removing unwanted bad odors from the vent. When you use Soda Ash, make sure to use a glove as it may cause irritation in the skin.

You can wash the filters of the vent by pulling them out and soaking them in hot water with soap. After the grease loosens, it can be brushed and washed. One of the above solutions can also be used if the grease is very strong.


Do the cleaning by yourself only if you are knowledgeable. Otherwise, it is better to get the help of air duct cleaning services to do the job for you. Good air duct cleaning services also check for potential problems in the system and correct them which is an added advantage for you. One more point to consider while hiring air duct cleaning companies is to check whether they do green air duct cleaning.