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Know More About Cleaning The Air Ducts At School

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Every parent wants to provide the best for their child and they give utmost importance to the health of their children. After all, children are the next generation. Children spend a considerable amount of time at school. However, lately, it has been observed that their safety is at risk.

One of the prime reasons for this is not getting the air ducts at school cleaned regularly. If the quality of air is inside the school is poor, it has an adverse effect on the health of children and others inside the school. The school is considered a safe place for the children and hence adequate care must be taken to keep it that way.

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Why should you clean the ducts at school?

If the quality of the air is poor it can affect the education of your child.

Here are some of the problems that could arise if the air duct cleaning is not done in school:

  • Children could suffer from short term and long term health issues such as asthma. This could happen as the children are exposed to dirt or debris in the air.
  • When children, teachers, and staff spend time in the polluted indoor air for a long time, they might fall sick often leading to high absenteeism.
  • When the students and staff stay home more often, there is a sharp decrease in their productivity levels.
  • Not having the air duct cleaning services done will impact the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. There will be a reduction in the efficiency and life expectancy of the HVAC equipment.

air duct cleaning companies

How to clean the air ducts at school

If you have been wondering how to clean air ducts at school, here is a list of the important steps that must be taken.

  • A cleaning bucket must be prepared. It must contain a mixture of warm water and a dish detergent.
  • The other important items to keep handy are a spray bottle with vinegar and a mold removal spray. You will also need a flashlight, your vacuum cleaner, and several rags.
  • Locate the ducts that you wish to clean. Some might have them at the base of the walls while other may have the vents located high. Some might be easily visible while others may be difficult to locate.
  • Find all of them so you can clean each one systematically. If you find any carpet, hanging pictures, or decorative items underneath the duct or near it, it is better to remove them. This will avoid getting any dust or debris on them and protecting them.
  • Remove the cover of the duct by using the appropriate method. Some might be fastened by screws and would need you to unscrew the. Others may slide off. If the vent is high, use a high chair or stool to gain access to it.
  • Using the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, remove any dust or loose particles that are accumulated in the vent.
  • Use a rag dipped in the water and detergent mix, wipe the inside walls of the vent.
  • If you are unable to see inside clearly, use the flashlight to check for mold or mildew. If they are visible, wipe down with vinegar or spray some of the mold removal sprays.
  • Use a paper towel to clean up and then allow it to dry.
  • Once you are done, replace the cover of the vent and all other elements.


If you do not wish to clean the air ducts at school yourself, you could employ the services of one of the air duct cleaning companies. They would ensure that the air vent cleaning is done efficiently, quickly and professionally.